Presentation at ASID (Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability) in Adelaide, November 2019

Late last year, Daelle and I (and our family!) went to Adelaide to present some results from the Transition to Adulthood Project together. It was a fantastic conference, and a great opportunity to share some results from the Project.

A name tag and a cuddly Ubercorn!

You can find all the proceedings from the conference here, and the abstract from our presentation is here. We talked about an overview of transitioning to adulthood with profound intellectual disablities. I co-presented with my daughter, Daelle, who has profound intellectual disabilities. It’s vital that people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities are more visible and participate in conferences and events like this, and it was great to share the experience with her.

Getting someone with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities to a conference a long way from home meant that our whole family came along too. My husband took time off work so provide care for Daelle during the conference, and because our youngest daughter was only 11, she got a free holiday and time off school to tag along. It was quite an adventure.

Two women, one using a wheelchair, presenting in front of a projector

We shared some results from the Project and some of the experiences of the people I had interviewed so far. Daelle enjoyed it and it was a great experience to have everyone there. ASID is always a fantastic and inclusive conference, too.