Stories from the Field

In some research news, I recently got an “ethics variation” to increase the age of the young person involved to 30. Now I can interview anyone where the young person living with severe intellectual disabilities that they support is aged between 18 and 30. I had been contacted by several parents where the young person was older than 25, but the issues remained substantially similar in terms of exercising legal decision-making. This will open up the field a little more and ensure fewer people who want to participate and share their stories with me are excluded!

Daelle and her assistant, Bear, about to have coffee before heading off to our interview.

In other research news, Daelle’s support worker was sick last week and she came along with me to an interview! Luckily the participants were very warm and welcoming and enjoyed her company. The venue was wheelchair accessible and Daelle enjoyed the day out on the research trail!

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